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Spring Time - 2021

Springtime blossoms bloom in sight

Gorgeous sunsets are such a delight.

Temperatures warm across the land

brought together in love with God’s own hand.

Easter bunnies like to appear, though there’s

a different reason we all cheer.

It’s the resurrection of our Lord and Savior

that has us re-examine our true behavior.

God gave us His one and only begotten Son

that we might be forgiven when all is said and done.

So, straighten your tie and put on that fancy dress

We’re going to church and want to look our best...

With Bible in hand, we shall cherish the day

thank the Lord above as we humbly pray.

Thank You Father for enduring immense strife

Thank You for the precious gift of eternal life.

You’re the reason for the season that we celebrate

You’re the reason we joyfully congregate.

Please forgive our poor decisions and sinful ways

We repent for wrongdoings and give you great praise.

Amidst our daily trials and controversy

we thank You for endearing love, Your grace and mercy.

Springtime wonder is here and it’s time to rejoice

Join me, won’t you please in making GOD’s choice.

* * *

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