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TSCM - July Issue 2017

July Issue Magazine 2017

When I was a little girl, my family and I would get our blankets, lawn chairs and bug spray and go to the nearest park to watch the fireworks.

It was so exciting for us as we waited for the explosions to begin. But, before it started, there would be loud talking people giving speeches. Music playing the famous old songs of freedom and liberty, and good smelling food cooking on the grills.

Daddy would buy us a hamburger with the works and a soda. Mom would spray us with the bug spray to keep off the mosquitos and my sister would complain that there was too much mustard on her hamburger.

I would be watching, wide-eyed, at all the things going on around me and wondering about … when would the show start!

Then as it got really dark … the announcement would come across the loud speaker, the crowd would get very quiet… all eyes would turn toward the dark skies above us… and we waited!

The music started playing, “The Star Spangled Banner” and the first set of Fireworks shot off into the night sky!

Everyone cheered, ”Ohhh, Ahhh, and said, Look at that”! I put my fingers in my ears and smiled.

The sounds and patterns were amazing. There were all kinds of bright, bold, and a flurry of colors, just like from the rainbow!

I remember looking at my Daddy’s face and seeing the pleasing expression in his eyes. It is a memory I hold dear to me, to this very day – 50 years later.

Mama was equally delighted with the show. She was snuggled against Daddy’s shoulder and smiling up at the sky.

The songs matched the array of fire-y shots. Each one had a special meaning that fit the next one.

Being a small child, I really didn’t understand its true meaning, but, my Daddy and Mama did… at the beginning of the very last … they stood up, put their hands over their hearts and tears appeared in their eyes. My sister and I did what they did…but,

Today … I understand why I have tears in my eyes… it is for the same reasons as my parents did!

Honor – Pride – Liberty – Freedom


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