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New Articles, Stories

and Featured Guests 2021

     We have an array of exciting NEW articles, featured stories, videos, and much more for 2021... The magazine will be issued Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! With a Special addition for Christmas!  And... introducing:

"WIN! Women's

Incredible Network.NET! &

WIN! Magazine!"

WIN! will feature guest speakers on the Website Entrepreneur Women to speak on HOW their businesses are growing, in their chosen industries and...   

WIN! will be inviting you to: 

"Join the WIN! Movement"

on "facebook"... at:


that business entrepreneurs may communicate with each other!  Have fun!

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Please... Remember

Pray for Everyone  -  across the World!

2021 --- Pray for... Virus, Earthquake, Fire & Flood, SnowStorms, Hurricane,

and so many Tornado  Survivors!


Belinda 76 and Daughter 31 - Cov-19 Healing

Brittany - 41 Health:  A Praise Report - was Protected! 

David - 59 Salvation / Business

Gary - 69 Health - Heart Surgery 2021 - Praise Report!

Greg - 33 Unspoken, Salvation family

Helen - 69 Health - Praise Report: Healed stones surgery 2021!

Jacob L - 20 Salvation family

Lynn - 57 Health: Praise Report - Surgery 2021!

Martha - 72 Income - Praise Reports - Gall Bladder Surgery successful, Improved Thyroid, doggy!

Richard - 74 Health, Unspoken, Relocation, Need to go Home 2021

T Lynne - 53 Income Resources / Courage / Praise Report: No Cancer/Healed 2020-21

Billy (Jane family) - 30's Covid; Hospital / Need Complete Healing Lord 9-15-2021

Pray for the loss of life across the world - Salvation!

Please Jesus... continue to protect our Children.

and many more with so many 'unspoken' requests ...


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